Die Webseite der Gemeinde Niederalteich

Die Webseite der Gemeinde Niederalteich

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Niederalteich looks back to a long and historical tradition. The large and rambling Monastery buildings dominate the character of village structure and village life.

Embedded in charming landscape surrounded by ancient backwaters of the Danube River with its wetlands and bird-protection sanctuaries, Niederalteich is situated at the foot of the Bavarian Forest region. The attractive banks of the Danube and the free-flowing river with its bicycle and walking paths invite visitors to stay and enjoy themselves and the local area.

The Benedictine Abbey as well as the Ursuline Cloister form the spiritual and intellectual center of our region. They both offer the possibility of religious retreat. The Landvolkshochschule, the Centre of Adult Education, St. Gotthard-Gymnasium (middle and secondary school) and the Ecumenical Institute are all educational institutions of great importance not only to the local region but beyond.   The redevelopment of the village in the 1980s created a modern infrastructure while preserving the historical buildings (historical walking path). The Danube ferry, “Altaha”, allows you to quickly reach the other side of the Danube towards Osterhofen, where the mouth of the Isar River (as it flows into the Danube) offers one of the most important nature-preserves in Bavaria.   Please read on! Many pages with valuable and interesting information about our village and our region are here, waiting for you! 

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Note: Niederalteich or Niederaltaich?
Both variations are correct:
Niederalteich with “ei” refers to the village;
Niederaltaich with “ai” refers to the Monastery of the same name